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Charcuterie Boards

I have created a line of boards that are the perfect way for you to enjoy your time with guests or bring as a guest! These boards are curated of local, seasonal and fresh ingredients that not only taste rich but also will be a focal point on your table!



Charcuterie & Cheese Board

This board has three meats and three chesses paired with seasonal fruit, crackers, nuts and a sweet treat. Just like all my services; this board can be custom with only cheese or only meat as well as made to be enjoyed by those with allergies or preferences.


Crudite Board

Our crudités are the freshest and seasonal vegetables arranged in a way everyone becomes a veggie lover! Paired with three dips on the board there is something for everyone, always a crowd pleaser!



Seasonal Fresh Fruit Board

My fruit platter is custom to your preferences and I am always using fruit that is in season. I source fruit that is sure to give you and your guests that refreshing bite every time.


Sweets Board

This is such a fun board – fully customizable with chocolate covered treats, brownies, cookies and candy. No matter the spread you choose you will want to grab a treat before the board is clear!

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