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For the Children

I love cooking with and for children! From meal prepping making sure that the children have a well balanced diet to cooking classes and parties - there is no limit to services for the children!



Birthday Parties

I come to you to help cater your children’s birthday. I do cook with kids’ parties – we decided on a savory and sweet item to make/ decorate together such as pizza and cupcakes and I guide the kids through preparing / decorating. This can be done at your home or any venue of your choice! Of course I also make custom menus to create a feast at your child’s birthday while they are enjoying their activity.


Baby / Child Meal Prep

Does your child have allergies? Do you struggle to find the time to pack safe and nutritious meals for them every day? Let Quality Thyme Co help. We offer baby and children's food prep and meal prep services that are allergy-friendly and convenient for busy parents. Our experienced chefs prepare delicious and healthy meals using only fresh and high-quality ingredients, tailored to your child's specific dietary needs. Say goodbye to the stress of meal planning and let Quality Thyme Co provide safe, nutritious and worry-free meals for your child.

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